Having been in business for 10 years now, we have earned the respect of out clients everywhere. We have a global clientele to our name and that is what urges us to work harder and produce even better range of ball pen and many other pens with super-flow technology. We strive for total satisfaction of our customers and always look for ways to improve our technology so that we can produce better quality and range of pens.


We offer an extensive range of ball pen, rollerball pens, sketch pens, ball point pen, permanent marker pens, non-permanent marker pens, sketch pens, drawing pens, color pencil, and gel pens. We make sure that each pen goes through proper checking before it is finally packed. The nibs and ink are specifically checked to ensure that they are properly fitted and filled. They come with a soft and padded grip which makes it easier for the user to write without straining their fingers. They also come in attractive colors and packages. Besides the way they look, these ball pen are also of high writing quality which is actually our main objective. The pens that we offer are very smooth to write in, and a perfect flow of ink results in a mess-free writing. Some of the features of our pens are:


Our company is fully driven to satisfy the demands and needs of our customers. We also offer the customized pens according to the requirements of our customers. We can make adjustment of the nibs to suit the different writing styles of our users. We also offer different designs of the pens be it style, color, grip, or size. The grip of the pen could be either be plastic or rubber. We also offer a variety in ink colors.

Our Products

Our company offers a wide range of pens which are all distinct and different from each other. They all come in a variety of colors, luxurious look and feel. Some of our products are as follows:-

  • Ball Pens
  • Blue Ball Pens
  • Black Ball Pens
  • Red Ball Pens
  • Silver Ball Pens
  • Color Sketch Pens
  • Stick Pens
  • Gel Pens
  • Permanent Marker Pens
  • Non-Permanent Marker Pens
  • Drawing Pens
  • Roller ball Pens
  • Writing Ball Pens
  • Direct Filling Ball Pens
  • Spiral Direct Filling Ball Pens
  • New Model Direct Filling Ball Pens
  • Direct Filling Gel Pens
  • Stick Ball Point Pens (Polo)
  • Retractable Ball Pens
  • Color Pencil


We have a dedicated team of 25 hardworking employees who work the day through to improvise and modify the quality of the pens for full customer satisfaction. With 10 years of experience, we aim to become a leading manufacturer and exporter of quality pens. All our employees are given extensive training so that the whole process of manufacturing is done in a proper way. They also make sure that all the pens are checked before they are packed and dispatched.

Technology Used

We use the latest machinery and technology for the manufacture of pens. With the use of the machinery and the experience of our hardworking staff, we have the capacity to produce 4 lakh to 5 lakh pens per day. With the help of the technology, we ensure that the ink quality is of international quality so that the writing is free-flow. We use the following machines for the production of our pens:-

Promotional Products

We also offer promotional pens for our customers. All pens ranging from ball pens to drawing pens can be changed to promotional pens depending on the requirements of the customers. These promotional drawing pens are of high demand especially from the corporate houses and firms. For promotional pens, we make sure that the name and logo of the specified company or firm are clearly visible. They are useful for promoting the business of the companies. They are available in different colors and styles.


Besides manufacturing of high-quality pens, we also provide careful packing to ensure the protection of the pens. We also pack the pens as per the specifications of our customers, if there is any. The drawing pens are packed in attractive packets which makes them suitable to be gifted. We use small colored boxes and packets to pack the color pens. For the safety and protection of the pens, we make sure that they are packed in large hard cartons which keeps them safe in any climatic change or other damages. All the pens are tested carefully by our efficient team before they are dispatched so that the packets consists only of defect-free products.

Why Us?

The main objective of our company is to provide high-quality pens, and to satisfy our esteemed clients. We have our clients all over the world. We have also showcased our pens and received appreciation in various international trade fairs in Frankfurt, Germany, and Russia. We make sure that we produce high-quality pens with super-fluid ink. We use the best of machines and technology to ensure the quality of the pens. Besides that, we also ensure strong packaging of our drawing pens. They come in various colors and designs. We are a fully customer-oriented company looking for ways to improvise on our products and manufacture better and larger variety of pens.

We exports in Africa, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Thailand. Minimum Order Quantity should be 50000 pieces.